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Steve is a transmasculine spec-fic author, academic, and hobby store manager. He aspires to one day purchase his own trailer, where he will live off deep-fried roadkill, and prostitute his children.

Micro-Horror: The Package

A young student living in an apartment building was surprised to find upon checking their mailbox that a book due to arrive that day had not. There was nothing waiting for them outside the apartment door in the building hallway, … Continue reading

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Pimp My Bio 2017

Having previously written a Pitchwars mentee bio for the 2015 contest, I’ve decided to up the ante this time by outing myself publicly as an Evil Space Monster From Beyond. I know this will come as a shock to a … Continue reading

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Silly Things That Put Me in a Bad Mood

  1.When the easy-to-open plastic tear-y bits on frozen fruit packets won’t tear. 2. People walking up/down the wrong stairs and/or wrong side of the hallway/street. 3.Cellphones 4.Websites and posts that insist on list format. 5.Oops.

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A Heartwarming Story of Christmas Cheer

Full disclosure: I wrote this in just over half an hour for a Flash Fiction contest, then missed the deadline. It is probably terrible. Also, this is the kind of place my mind goes when I hear “winter holiday celebration.” … Continue reading

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What I Like to Lie About

While drinking my beer last night and enjoying my usual evening wind-down routine I started to think (oh dear) about the public face we put on in terms of our activities and our interests. At this point I’ve written who … Continue reading

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Hybrid Release

HYBRID (The Domino Project #2) goes out into the world today. We’re celebrating with an excerpt reading, and a giveaway!   If you haven’t read CHAMELEON – it’s on sale until the end of 11/12/15 for $0.99 K.T. Hanna reads an … Continue reading

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Secret Wizards, or My #PitchWars Nightmare

Like many #PitchWars hopefuls last night, I finally puffed myself up and hit submit on my long-gestating query. Were my pages good enough? Was that opening line the perfect balance between titillating and meaningful? It turned out, to my subconscious … Continue reading

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