Micro-Horror: The Package

A young student living in an apartment building was surprised to find upon checking their mailbox that a book due to arrive that day had not. There was nothing waiting for them outside the apartment door in the building hallway, and when checked online, the package said “delivered.”

The following day the student received a different package from a courier, and decided to ask the woman whether she recalled a parcel from the previous day and whether it may have been delivered to the wrong apartment.

“Oh yes,” the courier answered. “There was a package for you yesterday. I dropped it off to the other young man at around two.”

The student shivered.

“But I live alone,” they said.


About invisibleflyingtrolleybus

Steve is a transmasculine spec-fic author, academic, and hobby store manager. He aspires to one day purchase his own trailer, where he will live off deep-fried roadkill, and prostitute his children.
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