What I Like to Lie About

While drinking my beer last night and enjoying my usual evening wind-down routine I started to think (oh dear) about the public face we put on in terms of our activities and our interests.

At this point I’ve written who knows how many applications for programs and grants, queries to agents and contests, profiles for social media and dating websites, and at some point in at least one of each of those I’ve listed my hobbies.

It’s usually the same old list:

“I like reading, writing, drawing, academic-ing, cooking, attempting to knit and ending up in a yarn prison of my own construction.”

And all of that is true, absolutely. I do write. I do draw. I do construct yarn prisons.

BUT. What do I really do in my free time? It seems to me that the more honest answer would be substantially more long-winded and less inspiring. I do a lot more thinking about writing, thinking about cooking, and thinking about how I should get better at drawing and yarn prisons than I do actively engage in those pastimes.

So here, undoctored, is what I did last night. I think it gives an accurate picture of me and my strengths:

– Listened to “Which Witch” by Florence and the Machine five times in a row to warm me up for . . . something? One of the above activities.

– Checked my e-mail in case in the time I was listening to Florence and the Machine I got a response from the agent I queried this morning (because that happens, obviously. This is how these things work in my experience).

– Realized there was no music playing as I checked Query Tracker and put back on Florence.

– Remembered I hadn’t replied in my roleplay with my partner. Started to reply, realized music wasn’t playing, etc, etc.

– Discovered the bakery I like in Toronto supplies baked goods to a nearby grocery store and proceeded to rant in all caps on facebook about this.

– Decided I ought to listen to something other than “Which Witch”, because really, shouldn’t you diversify a bit? This is something important you need to do RIGHT NOW.

– Put on a different Florence and the Machine song.

– Felt accomplished.

– Remembered to be stressed out about global warming.

– Drank some beer and ate an only slightly terrible pancake.

– Realized I hadn’t watched that trailer I like from Scott Pilgrim in a while. Watched trailer.

– Watched trailer for pretty much every movie I’ve ever seen, even ones I didn’t like. Trailers are my milk and mead. This is, perhaps, my most honest interest.

– Having accomplished the listening to  of one different song and the watching of many trailers, decided this was a good end to the night and that I should write this blog post about my doings in the morning. I am a clever sort.

For future reference:

Steve Hugh Westenra is a comic shop manager, Religious Studies grad student, and spec-fic writer. He enjoys talking about what he’s going to write, “I don’t know, one day when I have the time,” listening to the same song on repeat for hours until he loses the desire to listen to it ever again for at least a year, re-watching movie trailers (less so movies), refreshing his e-mail obsessively, and lamenting the larger global problems that his OCD likes to bring up while using pen lids to clean his ears. He is adept at scratching is head, thinking about doing things, worrying that he types “haha” too much in his electronic communications, and deciding that somehow, in some way, he is responsible for all major crises occurring everywhere in the world at any given time. Also he likes animals.


About invisibleflyingtrolleybus

Steve is a transmasculine spec-fic author, academic, and hobby store manager. He aspires to one day purchase his own trailer, where he will live off deep-fried roadkill, and prostitute his children.
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